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AZ3 Architectural complements AZ3 Structural to provide the customers with all their metal needs. Our specialty is Architectural and Miscellaneous metal, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Canopies, AESS Trusses, etc.

With AZ3’s state of the art facility, the possibilities are endless. From 5 axis machining to CNC profiling & carving, it’s an Architect’s dream come true.


Structual Steel

Jean Diab

(905) 793 7793 ext. 204

Main Line

Azimuth Three

(905) 793 7793


AZ3’s architectural and structural departments allow for us to be an efficient turnkey provider for all steel solutions. We provide full installation services for all divisions and our erection crews are fully equipped.


Our modern 40, 000 square foot facility is capable of producing 1500 tons of steel per month. And with our largest Versa Cut Plasma drill line in North America, we’re capable of handling and processing up to 1200mm wide beams.


We’re always thinking several steps ahead. Using advanced techniques and the latest industry software, we strive to produce the highest quality results. Our skilled tradesmen work day in and day out, in a safe and efficient work environment. 

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